The Beanie 


In the men’s collection of Boasty hats you will find the iconic beanies. A Beanie is undoubtedly the most favorite hat these days. It’s the perfect accessory to upgrade your look. Elegant, casual, chic or practical, beanie hats are simply an all-rounder.


A Beanie is often a very finely knitted winter or summer hat and fits comfortably on almost every head and in every size due to the loose shape. Beanie hats used to be worn by workers and had to make sure that the long hair no longer hung in the face. Today, however, Beanies are much more widely used.


Young people wear the elegant Boasty hats not only to protect themselves against wind, cold or rain, but also to give their jeans and jacket a finishing touch, or to follow new trends. The thinner beanie models are often combined with a T-shirt and even worn as an indoor hat. Some models are extra breathable and are worn by trend-following athletes and in their leisure time. For example, this absolute trend hat was discovered years ago in the skateboard and snowboard scene and they also consider the Beanie as their symbol 
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The Bucket hat 

The Bucket hat is back! Actually, it has been for a while, but it strongly seems that the bucket hat is here to stay in the fashion world. For example, the hat is not only seen a lot on the street and at festivals, but it is also still there on the catwalk of many well-known brands.

We first saw them at various rappers in the eighties and nineties and before that the bucket hat was mainly a practical accessory. For example, the hat protected against the sun and was in most cases made of a thin, yet sturdy fabric Today the bucket hat comes in different shapes and sizes. Whether you opt for fabric or leather, black or in color, with or without a print: the fisherman’s hat is back.


And of course you also want to know how to wear it. No worries, because the hat actually goes with almost everything. For example, combine your nice bucket hat with a colorful suit, with jeans and a T-shirt or with a nice blouse with print. We have already selected the nicest fishing hats for you so that you only have to put together a nice outfit. 
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