The way you dress and all accessories you use can say a lot about yourself and your style. That’s why it can be a very good idea to find outstanding, high quality accessories that are unique, different and very appealing. That’s where Boasty comes into play.

What is Boasty?

Boasty is an apparel brand that focuses on creating some of the best beanie hats on the market. We are also working on a variety of clothes too, all of which will be released at a later date. Our commitment is to quality, and it’s extremely important to offer our customers an amazing, extraordinary experience that they can always cherish and enjoy.

How did we start Boasty?

Our team has always been a fan of festivals. We love the great music, being able to meet new people and enjoy all kinds of concerts. However, we wanted to come up with a great festival dress code, and we began with a beanie hat. We’ve been looking for a great beanie for quite some time, but we never found one that really delivers the value we expected. That’s why we created our own.

Initially, the Boasty beanie was a 30-piece limited edition, but now it’s in the top 5 most sold beanies in the Netherlands. Our commitment is to create outstanding, interesting and fun accessories that you can wear anywhere, especially at a concert.

Take your look to the next level

The Boasty products are designed to enhance your look and really push it to the next level. We are very innovative and always focus on offering products that are unique, creative and filled with unique ideas. All you have to do is to give us a try for yourself and enjoy the experience. Plus, if you have any questions about Boasty, our beanies or any other products, we are always ready to help and hear new ideas!